Thursday, August 25, 2011


If you ever lived for 50 years probably the most precious moment that you wanted so much to go back then was high school life (which I do). I missed my life in those days back then 3 years ago in high school, I remembered the uniforms, scouts, the susah-nak-mati SPM, the events and the hostels, dorms, Dewan Makan, HKSBP(most popular annual event for SBP students) and crazy classmates stupid stuffs we always done in the entire years and not to be forgotten my mentor aka our step-parent in school.

Guys! How is everything with you now? I'm fucking missed you all my batch-mates especially my classmates, this upcoming raya we planned to make it a reunion after 3 years leaving school. Can't imagine how I fucking laugh looking at my friends have beards, long hairs, everybody grew bigger and tummy too haha. Girls wearing fancy stuffs which they didn't  have teh chances to put on during high school lol. Almost half of us get to pursue their studies in health family (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, forensics) and the rest are engineering, laws, biotechnology, teachers bla bla and other shits lol.

Tribute to Legendz0408 Batch also boys and girls from 5 Oxford here it goes, Enjoice!

P.S : I'll upload pictures from the boys gathering the futsal torney real soon!

Who the fuck is you?

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  1. LOL....bloody damn funny...hahaha...

    ichi, are u orite? kah3x...


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